Don't Talk About It - BE About It


Be About It

How many times have you or somebody you’ve known said that they want to do something yet there’s no follow through? At what point are we going to start doing, then sharing?

Having an idea is about as common as yawning. The rarity is moving the idea into action. Picture a farm full of ideas with no produce … that farm would be a bit useless. Plenty of people have had great ideas and done absolutely nothing about it. Often times, it seems like we’ll almost protect our shiny ideas from the world. In that protection it stays as an egg and never hatches… but it’s safe. Like Golem, in The Lord of the Rings, protecting his “precious”.

I am plenty guilty of this phenomenon. Countless times, I have shared with those around me what I want to do… without doing. I remember distinctly when my friend Atticus called me out on it. I’m so thankful that he did. We were standing in his kitchen and I was going on and on about what I wanted to be doing. He turned to me with a mischievous grin and replied, “Well stop talking about it and be about it dude”. It was like he had found me out. He saw through the excuses and fear - the mental games I was playing with myself.

If you feel like you need to do something, please do it. Then tell those around you about the experience. Share the fear, share the ugly crying, share the embarrassment, along with the wins.


So what are you idea farmers out there waiting for?!

Don’t Talk About it… Be About It!