Stew Kline

Connor is probably one of my favorite people to climb with. Not only because he crushes on routes, but his personality. You feel encouraged and calm. He never pushes you in a negative feeling way, and anytime he gives advice you can tell it comes from just wanting you to be a better you. Climbing has always been my escape and place to push myself, and I'm so glad someone like Connor is there to give advice.
If you want to be a better climber and better at controlling your mind and body in not only this sport, but life. I highly recommend this guy.

Dan Heffernan

Breathing, form, and the full-body assessment.

Training with Connor taught me how much breathing affects my climbing ability. Simply stopping to take a breath and take stock of any stress or undue tension in my body helped bring the mind-body connection together when I'm on the wall. The improvement after that was amazing!

Micah Tribelhorn

My first experience with Connor was a good indicator of his character and personal values. 
I had been introduced to rock climbing by my girlfriend, and I was thinking about taking it up as a new hobby, so I decided to stop by a new local gym that was under construction (workers were rushing around when I arrived) scheduled to open for business the following day... In the midst of the hustle and bustle of trying to get everything ready for a grand opening I asked if I could stand just inside the door to see what the place would look like, and I was told to wait just a moment while a construction worker grabbed someone that worked there... a moment later Connor appeared, and proceeded to take me on a grand tour - all the while painting vivid mental pictures of what it all would be like when finished, and what the future held. His kindness, and patience - not to mention the generous way he shared his time - all spoke of the way he took care of his customers, and his friends.
That was several years ago... since then he has been helpful, wise, encouraging, patient, kind, and continues to be someone I look forwards to seeing - no longer just for his wise tips, but his friendship.

If you are considering his personal training, please remember that between his personal successes, and his ability to train a competitive team of climbing athletes he has the ability to take you to the next level and beyond. However, he will do so in a laid back, low pressure way that will surprise you, and put you at ease...

Andy Wickersham

In short, Connor is the best climbing coach in Kansas City. I started working with him after losing weight and looking for an active hobby, so with zero climbing experience or skill, I gave him a call. After our first session together, I was immediately hooked. Connor’s tenacious attitude toward climbing is infectious and sets the tone for every session. He has helped me become an infinitely better climber and gives me the confidence to push my limits week in and week out. Whether you are a novice climber or have tons of experience on the wall, Connor is undoubtedly the guy to bring your game to the next level.