Performance Anxiety

Why are we so afraid of others seeing us fail?

Can you imagine if you just tried REALLY hard? What would you find out about yourself?

In a world of grade centric mindsets (when one focuses on where they stand based on one of the climbing difficulty scales) I see a growing unwillingness to push beyond perceived capabilities. I say perceived because climbers aren't defined by how hard they climb on a scale. Your climbing repertoire cannot be solely explained by a number. It shouldn't define you - only be a useful measure when structuring training.

The term "that's not my style" is a very convenient term for the ego. I hear these word uttered all the time. As a coach, when I hear this sentence my reply is..."Perfect! Now we know what needs addressed." Consider this question for your next session: What is the last thing you'd want to work on in the gym? Now go work on that thing. It's probably holding you back. 

Climbing wasn't thrusted into the mainstream because it's comfortable. Humans NEED struggle. We need an excuse to descend into chaos and battle the dragon of fear, doubt and uncertainty. You won't always come out as a victor, but in the process you'll become less shakeable, more knowledgable and even inspired. I urge you to let others see you push yourself to your limits. If you become nervous when others watch, use it as fuel. Give the people good theatre. "Positive drama" as Justin Sjong, the climbing sensei, would say. That's what a performance is after all.